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Jacalyn Williams,
Licensed Life Insurance Agent

Making Your Vision a Reality

I am a Christian, wife, mother, daughter and sister. I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and now reside in the San Fernando Valley, CA. I am passionate about serving the Lord wherever He puts me! I have a very full life as wife, mom and entrepreneur! You will also find me involved in women’s ministries at our local church.

Do I work for free? No! I advocate for my clients with some of the most powerful financial companies in North America. They pay me very well for introducing them to my clients.

Why should anyone work with me instead of going directly to financial companies online? I provide a financial custom fit. One solution does not fit all! I would compare my service to a physician. During your initial consultation, we’ll collect basic information and discuss what your desired outcome is. On subsequent consultations, we’ll provide you with a recommendation (prescription) and connect you with the companies that offer solutions (pharmacy) that are the right fit for your needs. We do not charge for our consultations, however, we are compensated very well by the companies that we do business with.

Contact me today and let's get started on building your financial future.

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